Careers Opportunities

Careers at Gatix E-Solutions are challenging and a high degree of commitment is expected. We prefer the sharpest brains in the business to partner and grow with it.

At Gatix E-Solutions we offer you the opportunity to work in a creative and dynamic working environment. And we're always looking for talented individuals to join our team to make a difference. The following positions are currently available at our Corporate office:

Web Server Administrator
* Ability to setup, manage Linux and Windows servers, including Database Servers, Application Servers, DNS and Mail servers.
* Strong knowledge and hands on experience about managing multiple servers at multiple locations, clustering, mirroring, backup, networking, disaster planning etc.
* Ability to fine tune and resolve performance issues.
* Ability to work independently.
* Self-motivated

Sr. Application Developers
* ASP, ASP. Net, MS SQL Server, Mobile Device Development and XML.
* Ability to understand, gather client requirements.
* Ability to interact directly with clients.
* Self-motivated.

If you are interested, Please Post Your resumes to

Referal Program
A talented and skilled resource is an incredible asset to our business. We offer referal benefits and attractive perks:
* Please forward your referal resumes to
* Any referernce placed that came through an employee or associate is entitled for a referal benefit
* We encourage any well wishers other than employees also to help us through this referal progam. All such referals placed will be given attractive benefits.